Welcome to our website. 
We appreciate your trust in our service and hope you will find that the various training we offer is better than you expect.
Our instructors have years of experience in the fields of instruction they teach.  Each instructor is required to be either a current or retired police officer or an expert in their military field.  Further, they must meet strict guidelines to ensure they have had proper training in the field they teach as well as proper training to be an instructor.  They hold instructor certifications in many areas and have countless hours of instruction experience.  This process guarantees that our students get the best possible training experience.
We offer various courses of instruction.  These include:
Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instruction
This course is taught per Utah State standards as provided by law.  The class is four hours long and will cover all required materials so the students may be able to properly apply for their permit.  This is a classroom environment.
Street Motorcycle Safety Course
This is not a required class, but it is developed from the Police Motorcycle Education that is required for all police officers who ride motorcycles for police purpose.  This course will teach strong skills to the students and increase their safety skills.
Combat and Other Firearms Training
This is not a required class in the State of Utah, but we have found that many people want to learn more about their guns and how to use them.  We teach Handguns, Shotguns, and Rifles to those who have already obtained their Concealed Firearms Permit.  We teach Basic, Intermediate and Advanced classes.
We hope you find our service useful and look forward to hearing from you.  Please contact us if you feel there is some training you are looking for that you think we may be able to provide.  If you are an instructor that would like to become part of Certify Utah, please contact us also.